Humphries & Partners, PLLC

Trusted Advisors to Associations, Corporations
 and Government

Welcome to Humphries & Partners, PLLC

Humphries & Partners, PLLC., is a Washington, DC based law firm with national practice. The members of the firm serve as legal counsel and trusted advisors to various including corporations, professional associations, faith-based institutions, and their leaders, and public and private individuals.

Humphries & Partners, PLLC. understands what it takes to produce success. The Humphries & Partners, PLLC has a wide-range depth of knowledge of the law that includes the development of public policy, the utilization of media, and the importance of relationships and partnerships. More importantly, the Humphries & Partners, PLLC recognizes the importance of serving its clients, first by listening to our needs and learning our mission, and then by providing careful and diligent legal assistance based on comprehensive strategies for success that not only resolve issues, but also create optimal advantage and position for the clients in our marketplace.